content="BulletProof Corporation provides JDesignerPro, a Java Rapid Application Development and Deployment System and Application Server for deployment of web enabled, networked database and business applications. JDesignerPro includes Java application server plus RAD tools and framework that connect to ODBC and JDBC data source, and packaged applications through Java clients."> content="Java Database Development, java database development, RAD, rad, Application Server, application server, Java Application Server, java application server, JMS, Java IDE, java IDE, Extranet Development, extranet development, Web Development, web development, Internet Development, internet development, Intranet Development, internet development, Web Deployment, web deployment, Internet Deployment, internet deployment, Intranet Deployment, intranet deployment, Extranet Deployment, extranet deployment, Java Development, java development, Application Server Development, application server development, Server Development, server development, Database Integration, database integration, RAD tools, pocket pc software, pocket pc software programming, windows ce,pocket pc software development, custom software applications for the pocket pc and win ce, windows ce programming, windows ce development">
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WHAT IS JDESIGNERPRO? JDesignerPro (JDP) is a rapid application development and deployment system specifically designed to help you build database driven applications that run on any browser or wireless handheld device with no programming experience necessary. Click the following link to see one of the multimedia tutorials that will show you how easy it really is to build applications with JDesignerPro. Please be patient as it may take up to a minute for the tutorial to start. Windows media player is required. View tutorial 1 View tutorial 2. Or click here for a list of the tutorials that can be downloaded.

Here is a screen shot of how JDesignerPro built applications look running in a web browser. Please note that JDesignerPro is for building both web based and handheld based applications. For examples of web based and handheld based applications click here.



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