*Threshold of 1 Million target reach
comScore Media Metrix, March 2010 WW; Nielsen @Plan Rel 1 2010

Male-composition index

Source: comScore Media Metrix, March 2010

1.1 Reach

Reach 19.6MM Viewers.

That's 1-in-4 US gamers, or around 14.5 million theater seats per month.

Engagement (1,000) Total Minutes Page Views Total Visits Video Views
U.S. total uniques, comScore Media Metrix, March 2010; Nielsen @Plan Rel 1 2010; comScore Video Metrix, March 2010
IGN Entertainment 345,000 337,000 59,011 31,480
IGN 270,000 237,000 42,751 16,459
AskMen 33,000 65,000 10,149 1,373
1.2 Profile

Just reading this audience profile might put hair on your chest.


85 percent male.
  • 66.7% Male
  • 30.6 Years Old
  • $68,400 HHI

IGN is one of the leading sites in concentration of Men 18-24

85 percent male.
  • 68% Male
  • 29.8 Years Old
  • $67,600 HHI

IGN ranks #1 in concentration of:
Men 18-34, Men 18-24, Men 21-34, Men 18-49

88 percent male.
  • 63.7% Male
  • 33.7 Years Old
  • $73,400 HHI

AskMen is readers' #1 Source for Men’s Lifestyle topics (OTX AskMen study, August 2009)


of the network's audience owns a game console
more likely than the online average to list video game playing as a favorite hobby
as likely have purchased video games in the last six months
1.3 Influencers

Our audience is packed with influencers (and electrolytes!).

If you're a brand everyone should be talking about, you should be talking to IGN Entertainment. Compared to the online averages, our typical audience member has an audience of his own:

more likely to provide frequent advice on video games
more likely to provide frequent advice on movies
more likely to provide frequent advice on electronics and computers

We capture everyone from the core enthusiast gamer as well as the hit-driven and social gamer, alike. One thing our audience has in common is that they are highly networked:

go online 5 or more times a week
have a social network profile
have broadband access

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Source: comScore Media Metrix, March 2010; Nielsen @Plan Rel 1 2010

First-looks, exclusives and the sheer depth of our editorial content might go to explaining a part of our following; but the real story is that we truly share in the passions of our audience.

Your brand needs to engage these enthusiasts. We can improve your game.

With thanks to our editorial, our viewers are also the first to know and amongst the earliest adopters. And they tell their friends.

2.1 Properties

We built it. They came.



2.2 Product Showcase

Better. Stronger. Flash-er.

We've had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of brands and through our extensive experience we've become experts in the video game, entertainment and consumer sectors.

2.3 IGN Video

#1 for Viewers and Streams

Jessica Chobot on the Daily Fix

comScore Video Metrix, March 2010
2.4 iPhone

Creative engagement? There's an app for that.

Since launch, our app has seen over 300,000 downloads. Our latest and greatest innovation, it offers advertisers a first-mover opportunity, uncluttered ad space, and premier brand placement.

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3.0 Toolkit

More utility belt,
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3.1 Media Tools

Get in touch with your masculine segment

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