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Maths Exercices
Permutations without repetition
Let us suppose a finite set A is given. The permutation of the elements of set A is any sequence that can be formed from its elements.

The number of permutations is:
Pn=n! (n factorial), where n is the number of elements of the set.

Given three people {Michael, Peter, Rose}, the following is the set of all permutations of that set:

{Michael, Peter, Rose}, {Michael, Rose, Peter}, {Peter, Michael, Rose}
{Peter, Rose, Michael}, {Rose, Michael, Peter}, {Rose, Peter, Michael}

There are no other permutations of this set besides those listed.

Using the formula: P3=3!=6

Enter the number of elements of the set A and the computer will calculate you how many permutations without repetition of the elements are there?
Enter the number n =
Pn =