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Maths Exercices
Polynomial function
A Polynomial function f is a function of the form:
where a0, a1, ..., an are real numbers.

Domain: All polynomials have the same domain which consists of all real numbers, because there are no denominators (so no division-by-zero problems) and no radicals (so no square-root-of-a-negative problems). There are no problems with a polynomial. There are no values that I can't plug in for x.

Range: The range will vary from polynomial to polynomial. I would be a good idea to draw the function to get the range.

Find the domain and range of y = x+4
Let's see the graph of this function:

Dom=R or (,+)
Range = R or (,+)

Determine the domain of the given function:

The domain is "all x"
The domain is "all x not equal to "
The domain is given by the next intervals

To use interval notation: Write -i to get the symbol and write i to get the symbol