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Maths Exercices

Volume of prisms

The volume of a prism is given by:

Volume = Area of base x Height

where A is the area of the base (or cross-section) of the prism and H is the height.

The rule for finding the volume of a prism is the same no matter what polygon forms the base. Of course, how you find the area of the base will depend on the polygon that forms the base.

Find the volume:


V = 4500 cm3


If the volume is 900 cm3, find h.


, then

900 = 36h

h = 25 cm


Find the volume of the oblique rectangular prism:


B = 82 = 64 in2

V = 64·22 = 1408 in2


What is the volume when a=6, b=6 and c=4?