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Maths Exercices

Dilations: find the coordinates

In a coordinate plane, dilations whose center are the origin have the property that the image of P(x,y) is P'(kx,ky) where k is the scale factor of the dilation.

Draw a dilation of rectangle ABCD with A(2,2), B(6,2), C(6,4), and D(2,4). Use the origin as the center and use a scale factor of .

Because the center of the dilation is the origin, you can find the image of each vertex by multiplying its coordinates by the scale factor.

A(2,2) A'(1,1)
B(6,2) B'(3,1)
C(6,4) C'(6,2)
D(2,4) D'(1,2)


Write the coordinates of the vertices after a dilation with a scale factor of 2, centered at the origin.

U(-2,-1) U*(,)
V(-2,3) V*(,)
W(4,2) W*(,)