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Maths Exercices


Here is a list of all the skills students learn in geometry!
The skills are organized into categories, and you can click on any skill name to start practicing!

Algebra review
A.1. Does x satisfy the equation?
A.2. Solve one-step linear equations
A.3. Solve two-step linear equations
A.4. Solve equations involving like terms
A.5. Solve systems of linear equations: substitution
A.6. Solve systems of linear equations: elimination
A.7. Solve systems of linear equations: graphing
A.8. Solve quadratic equations

Points, lines and segments
B.1. Lines, line segments, and rays
B.2. Lengths of segments on number lines
B.3. Distance formula

Lines in the coordinate plane
E.1. Coordinate plane review
E.2. Slope of parallel lines
E.3. Slope of perpendicular lines

Introduction to triangles
F.1. Classify triangles
F.2. Triangle Angle-Sum Theorem

Two-dimensional figures
G.1. Polygon vocabulary

L.1. Identify reflections, rotations, and translations
L.2. Translations: Definition
L.3. Translations: Graph the image
L.4. Translations: Find the coordinates
L.5. Reflections: Definition
L.6. Reflections: Graph the image
L.7. Reflections: Find the coordinates
L.8. Rotations: Definition
L.9. Rotations: Graph the image
L.10. Rotations: Find the coordinates
L.11. Dilations: Definition
L.12. Dilations: Enlargement or reduction
L.13. Dilations: Graph the image
L.14. Dilations: Find the coordinates
L.15. Dilations: Scale Factor
L.16. Symmetry
















































N.1. Classify quadrilaterals
N.2. Find the missing angle in quadrilaterals