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Maths Exercices

Sixth grade

Here is a list of all the skills students learn in sixth grade!
The skills are organized into categories, and you can click on any skill name to start practicing!

Whole numbers
A.1. Place values in whole numbers

C.1. Absolute value and opposite integers
C.2. Number lines with integers (Worksheet)
C.3. Compare and order integers

Rational numbers
D.1. Compare rational numbers
D.2. Absolute value of rational numbers

Exponents and square roots
E.1. Write multiplication expressions using exponents
E.2. Evaluate exponents
E.3. Exponents: solve for the variable
E.4. Understanding negative exponents
E.5. Square roots of perfect squares (Worksheet)

Consumer math
G.1. Unit prices with unit conversions
G.2. Percents - calculate tax, tip, mark-up, and more

Add and subtract integers
I.1. Add integers (Worksheet)
I.2. Subtract integers (Worksheet)

Add and subtract decimals
J.1. Add decimal numbers
J.2. Subtract decimal numbers

K.1. Multiply whole numbers
K.2. Multiply whole numbers: word problems
K.3. Multiply whole numbers with four or more digits
K.4. Multiply numbers ending in zeroes
K.5. Multiply numbers ending in zeroes: word problems
K.6. Multiply three or more numbers
K.7. Multiply three or more numbers: word problems
K.8. Estimate products
K.9. Multiply integers (Worksheet)

L.1. Divisibility rules
L.2. Divide integers (Worksheet)

Number theory
N.1. Prime or composite
N.2. Prime factorization with exponents
N.3. Greatest common factor
N.4. Least common multiple
N.5. GCF and LCM: word problems

Multiply and divide decimals
O.1. Multiply decimals

P.1. Evaluate variable expressions with whole numbers (Worksheet)
P.2. Solve one-step equations with whole numbers
P.3. Solve two-step equations
P.4. Complete a function table
P.5. Does (x, y) satisfy an equation?
P.6. Identify coefficients
P.7. Add and subtract like terms
P.8. Distributive property
P.9. Inequalities on number lines
P.10. Solutions to variable inequalities
P.11. Solve one-step linear inequalities

Coordinate graphing
Q.1. Find points on a coordinate plane
Q.2. Find points on a function graph














Data and graphs
R.1. Bar graphs
R.2. Line graphs
R.3. Histograms
R.4. Circle Graphs

S.1. Mean
S.2. Median
S.3. Mode
S.4. Range

Fractions and mixed numbers
T.1. Equivalent fractions review
T.2. Simplify fractions
T.3. Least common denominator
T.4. Compare fractions with like and unlike denominators
T.5. Convert improper fractions to mixed numbers
T.6. Convert mixed numbers to improper fractions

Add and subtract fractions
U.1. Add and subtract fractions with like denominators
U.3. Add and subtract fractions with unlike denominators
U.4. Add and subtract mixed numbers with like denominators
U.5. Add and subtract mixed numbers with unlike denominators

Multiply fractions
V.1. Fractions of whole numbers I
V.2. Fractions of whole numbers II
V.3. Multiply two fractions (Worksheet)
V.4. Multiply mixed numbers and whole numbers
V.5. Multiply mixed numbers

Divide fractions
W.1. Reciprocals
W.2. Divide fractions (Worksheet)
W.3. Divide fractions and mixed numbers

Mixed operations
X.1. Add, subtract, multiply, and divide whole numbers
X.2. Add, subtract, multiply, and divide integers
X.3. Add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions and mixed numbers

Z.1. Lines, line segments, and rays
Z.2. Angle review: measure and classify
Z.3. Triangle review
Z.4. Find the unknown angle in triangles
Z.5. Classify quadrilaterals
Z.6. Find the missing angle in quadrilaterals
Z.7. Perimeter
Z.8. Perimeter: find the missing side
Z.9. Area
Z.10. Surface area of cubes
Z.11. Surface area of rectangular prisms
Z.12. Surface area of pyramids
Z.13. Surface area of cylinders
Z.14. Surface area of cones
Z.15. Surface area of spheres
Z.16. Volume of prisms
Z.17. Volume of pyramids
Z.18. Volume of cylinders
Z.19. Volume of cones
Z.20. Volume of spheres

Ratios, proportions, and percents
AA.1. Equivalent ratios
AA.2. Proportions
AA.3. Unit rates
AA.4. Write decimals as percentages
AA.5. Write percentages as decimals
AA.6. Write percentages as fractions
AA.7. Write fractions as percentages
AA.8. Percent of a number
AA.9. Percent of money amounts
AA.10. Percents of numbers: word problems
AA.11. Find what percent one number is of another
AA.12. Find what percent one number is of another: word problems
AA.13. Compare percentages
AA.14. Compare percents to decimals
AA.15. Compare percents to fractions