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Maths Exercices


A monomial is an algebraic expression consisting of only one term like , where a is said to be the coefficient.
Like terms, or similar terms, are terms which differ only in numerical coefficients

Computation with algebraic expressions

Addition of monomials .
Addition of like terms is achieved by combining the numerical coefficients.

Subtraction of monomials .Subtraction of like terms is achieved by subtracting the numerical coefficients.

Multiplication of monomials. To multiply two or more monomials, multiply the numerical coefficients and multiply the variables. Don't forget the laws of exponents, the rule of signs, and the commutative and associative properties of multiplication

Division of monomials. To divide a monomial by a monomial, find the quotient of the numerical coefficients, find the quotients of the variables and multiply these quotients

Fill in all the gaps, by typing in the correct answer:

6 x9 y8 z8 · 9 x0 y7 z4 = x y z

Note: Some browsers show the exponent of the result on the right of the base.