Maths Exercises
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Maths Exercices
Opposite and absolute value

Two numbers, a and b are said to be opposite if a+b=0 .

Thus (+6) y (-6) are opposite numbers, because (+6) + (-6) = 0.
The opposite of a number is indicated by Op(-4) = 4

VideoAbsolute value
Absolute value is the unsigned or undirected value of a number. Absolute value is indicated by two vertical lines surrounding the number ||.

The absolute value of -7 is 7. Thus, |-7| = 7
The absolute value of +5 is 5. Thus, |+5| =5

By the absolute value of a number is meant the distance of the number from the origin on a number line.

Find the opposite and the absolute value of ( +19 )

Opposite =
Absolute value =