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Maths Exercices

Applications of Quadratic Graphs

Quadratic graphs have several properties such as shape, vertex and direction that help us solve several types of application questions. The vertex, the quadratic minimum and the quadratic maximum are also helpful when answering problems associated with area, speed and direction.

A rocket is shot up so its height in meters/seconds after launch is given by h(t)=-8t2+80t+25
a) When will it reach its max height?


b) What is its max height?

h(5)=-8(5)2+80(5)+25=225 meters

A town is fencing in a playground which is bordered on one side by a building. The plan is to use 640 ft of fencing on the other three sides. What should the dimension of the playground be if the enclosed area is to be maximized?

A(x) = x(640-2x)
A(x) =-2x2+640x
x = 160 ft x 320 ft